Thursday, 15 October 2009

Let me introduce myself, my name is Mr Tigs.

I've finally managed to get the computer to myself whilst my owner Jules is at work. I thought it would be much more interesting for you to read my blog! I lead a jet set lifestyle, I am to the cat world, the James Bond of felines. They call me Bond, Mr Tigs Bond.....

Here is my diary for the week:

Monday - Fishing - In the neighbours pond two doors down. I caught a whopper! (Extends paws demonstrating the size of the fish, in a dramatic over estimation)

Tuesday - Poker - Felix, Garfield & Bagpuss popped round for a game.
(I won loads of WHISKAS Kitbits!)

Wednesday - Bin Day - Although Jules feeds me plenty, its still nice to have a rummage before the bins are emptied, its a dangerous game of skill before the dustcart comes to empty the bins.

Thursday - Bird Watching - It takes a lot of skill, planning and sneaking around, hiding behind plant pots etc.... (One day I will catch one!)

Friday - Felix Stag night - Taking place in Garfield's garden, he has a pond there so we can drink lots of fishy water! We are having lots of cat nip too!

Saturday - Date with Sheba - I'm looking forward to this! Taking her out for a night on the tiles, hoping to sneak her in through the cat flap afterwards!

Sunday - Cooker Watch - I'll hang around the house today, in case there is a Roast Chicken dinner in the offering, I'll be able to sniff the air whilst it's cooking & I might get the chance to run off with the cooked Chicken if I distract Jules!

I'm off for a preen & a snooze marathon now! Then its time to position myself by the front door & look cute so Jules doesn't suspect that I've been up to anything I shouldn't have been when she comes home!