Sunday, 25 October 2009

I think she's finally lost it!!!
It's me again, Mr Tigs blogging on the weekend this time. I have no idea what my owner Jules is playing at, but she changed the time on all the clocks last night, she put the time on them all back an hour.
I've no idea why she would do this, I have a feeling it was so she could have a long lie in, but that would make her serving me my breakfast an hour late! So I decided to trick her! After she finally went to sleep, after playing with her new mobile phone for hours (Rolls eyes, Humans!) I crept upstairs and changed her bedside clock back to the correct time, laughs!!!
Then when the clock beside her bed said the time she normally gets up, I did all my best tricks to wake her up! firstly loud meowing, then I scatted around the room, I then jumped on the bed and purred loudly near her face, then I had to nudge her with my paw, sometimes a little nibble at her ankle wakes her up, she finally woke up!
And result!!! She got up mumbling something about only just feeling like she had closed her eyes, (She hadn't been asleep long) And served me my breakfast. After that I went back to bed, well why not? Its Sunday after all!!
As for Jules, she looked surprised when she saw the clock downstairs was different to the one beside her bed, stood scratching her head in puzzlement for a bit, then went back to bed. She couldn't go back to sleep though, she was now wide awake!
Humans do the strangest things sometimes!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Let me introduce myself, my name is Mr Tigs.

I've finally managed to get the computer to myself whilst my owner Jules is at work. I thought it would be much more interesting for you to read my blog! I lead a jet set lifestyle, I am to the cat world, the James Bond of felines. They call me Bond, Mr Tigs Bond.....

Here is my diary for the week:

Monday - Fishing - In the neighbours pond two doors down. I caught a whopper! (Extends paws demonstrating the size of the fish, in a dramatic over estimation)

Tuesday - Poker - Felix, Garfield & Bagpuss popped round for a game.
(I won loads of WHISKAS Kitbits!)

Wednesday - Bin Day - Although Jules feeds me plenty, its still nice to have a rummage before the bins are emptied, its a dangerous game of skill before the dustcart comes to empty the bins.

Thursday - Bird Watching - It takes a lot of skill, planning and sneaking around, hiding behind plant pots etc.... (One day I will catch one!)

Friday - Felix Stag night - Taking place in Garfield's garden, he has a pond there so we can drink lots of fishy water! We are having lots of cat nip too!

Saturday - Date with Sheba - I'm looking forward to this! Taking her out for a night on the tiles, hoping to sneak her in through the cat flap afterwards!

Sunday - Cooker Watch - I'll hang around the house today, in case there is a Roast Chicken dinner in the offering, I'll be able to sniff the air whilst it's cooking & I might get the chance to run off with the cooked Chicken if I distract Jules!

I'm off for a preen & a snooze marathon now! Then its time to position myself by the front door & look cute so Jules doesn't suspect that I've been up to anything I shouldn't have been when she comes home!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Welcome to my blog! I hope to dedicate it to brilliant weekends. Once I've worked out how to actually work the blog that is! So please do bare with me for a while.

What is it that I love so much about weekends you may ask? Well I've always loved them. I remember when I was little being excited about the weekends, looking forward to Saturday morning TV, especially TISWAS, having a late breakfast, going shopping, meeting up with friends & family, having a take-away for tea, watching The A-Team, Knight Rider, The Incredible Hulk, Wonder Woman etc etc ......

It's still the same for me now, except the TV programmes are different of course! I don't bother much with breakfast TV anymore (They should bring back TISWAS!) but Saturdays for me now are either spent socialising, dancing relaxing or watching Strictly Come Dancing & The X Factor when they are on. I'm glad Brucie is still presenting on Strictly, that is definitely a memory from my younger years watching the Generation Game.

Its that feeling that gradually builds up during the week, Starting from Manic Monday through to reaching fever pitch on a Friday evening, weekends are just so brilliant!

For a great Saturday morning memory click this - happy viewing!